Mountain Springs Community Center

A Tribute to Nadine Pitzinger

nadineWith Special Memories by Darrell Coxsey.

The Mountain Springs community lost a bit of its soul May 2nd with the passing of a 99-year-old ball of fire, Nadine Pitzinger.  Nadine was a force to be reckoned with. She was impossible to say no to. Nadine, along with the Quilters, was involved in anything that would promote Mountain Springs and the Mountain Springs Community Center. 

Nadine was involved in several projects in the area. Back during the building of Lake Ray Roberts, she was vice president of Friends of the Jones Farm, a group of people who were attempting to save the homestead of Roy Jones. She and some of her cohorts were attempting to raise monies to fund the farm as a living farm to teach future generations how people lived in the days of her youth. 

At the same time, Nadine was involved in the Mountain Springs Community Center. She put on summer musicals and the world-famous Melodramas. “You’ve never laughed unless you have seen a melodrama!” Nadine directed the melodrummers for 31 years! 

Nadine was a school teacher and after she retired, she held classes at the Mountain Springs school house for all the local fourth graders, later moving the event to the Bloomfield school house in Pilot Point. If you were a student there, you were taught how school was back in the day. You brought your lunch in a pail and you learned readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmatics, how to play mumbly peg, and, with help, how to split logs for fence rails. She affected so many lives; you could never count them!

As I said, you could not say “no” to Nadine. She would call you up and tell you that you were going to be acting in a melodrama, and I’ll be danged if you didn’t do it. She called me one day and said “You’re going to be the next vice president of the community center. I said, “Nadine, I’ve never been to the community center!”  She said, “That’s ok; you’ll figure it out.”  The next year she called and said, “You’re now the president.” And I was for 15 years.

Nadine Pitzinger was a force in this community and will be dearly missed. As we Melodrummers always told her, “We’ll be off book next week” (meaning we won’t be reading our parts) but we never did go “off book.” One of her hopes was to keep the community center alive forever. We have big shoes to follow. It is a daunting task, but we can get it done!

We are accepting donations to the community center on behalf of Nadine. Donations may be mailed to:

PO Box 521
Valley View, TX 76272