Mountain Springs Community Center

Prices in 1887

With all the increasing prices going on in our world today, this historical document might take you back at what things used to cost. From the Estate of A.J. Rayzor on November 18, 1887 in Mountain Springs, TX.

The 10 Communities of Mountain Springs

An Introduction to the 10 Communities If you live in Mountain Springs you may or may not know how Mountain Springs actually came to be what it is today. There is so much history and and amazing people in our little community, new and old. Some of the long time residents of Mountain Springs will […]

Mountain Springs Historical School

“Organized in 1847 in a pioneer woman’s home, Mountain Springs School was Cooke County’s first school. In 1853, it was moved to a log schoolhouse near this site. In 1884, when it became part of the public school system, this land was deeded for a larger frame structure, called “The Big School”. By 1900, the […]