Mountain Springs Community Center

The 10 Communities of Mountain Springs

An Introduction to the 10 Communities

If you live in Mountain Springs you may or may not know how Mountain Springs actually came to be what it is today. There is so much history and and amazing people in our little community, new and old. Some of the long time residents of Mountain Springs will recall the original ten communities that make up Mountain Springs. The 10 communities consist of Prairie Grove,  Burns City, Mountain Springs, Mt. Olive, Oak Hill, Walling (aka: Hideout), Breedlove (aka: Needmore), Hemming (aka: Hogtown), Union Grove, and Bloomfield. We will dive more in detail on these 10 communities in future posts. Whether you have been here since birth or maybe you just moved here. Take a look at the original map of Mountain Springs and see where you live or have lived in the past. What community of Mountain Springs do you currently live in? What community did you grow up in? What fun story can you share about your childhood in one of these communities?  We would love to hear from you!